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Real leadership is a skill

It's not about your title or position, it's about influence. In order to lead, you need to persuade people that something needs to change, develop a plan to make the change, and then actually make the change. It is a skill that can be honed and developed, just like any other skill, especially if you understand and follow a complete framework for leadership.

It requires confidence

True confidence. Which comes from a belief in yourself, your idea, and your ability to get it done. It's not easy, but anyone can do it, including you. This package was built with people just like you in mind.

Package Highlights

Personal HBDI® Thinking Preference Assessment and Access to the Whole Brain Thinking® Platform

Gain visibility into the way you and your team think, communicate, and work at your best

Becoming a better leader begins with understanding yourself

Maybe you've taken other assessments but this isn't a standalone, one-and-done test. The HBDI® assessment is only the start to gaining full visibility into your thinking preferences. Once you complete your HBDI® assessment you will have access to the Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking (WBT®) platform providing:

  • A detailed analysis of your results
  • Online Lessons to help you understand the HBDI® and the power of Whole Brain Thinking®
  • Specific insights into your thinking preferences to leverage so you can make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

The simple, effective Whole Brain® framework serves as a powerful common language you will need as a leader. Once you understand your thinking preferences and how to fully leverage WBT®  you will be able to use this insight for improved communication, team collaboration, decision-making, strategy, innovation, customer insights, and diversity & inclusion.

We work with Herrmann because their model is backed by over 40 years of brain-based global research and scientific validation packed into a tool you can use over and over again.

Leadership Clarified Online Course

8 Chapters and 56 Lessons loaded with content including 50+ tools, checklists, & resources to help you along your leadership journey!

In order to help you get clear about what leadership is, and how to effectively learn and practice it, this course is built on a straightforward leadership framework to help you:


Leadership is not a role, personality type, or set of behaviors or competencies.

There's too many myths and misconceptions around leadership. To become a great leader you have to shed those first.


Leadership is a framework of specific steps anyone can use.

As with all skills worth learning, simply understanding the steps isn't enough. You have to put them into action.

Practice & Grow

This course walks you through every step of the leadership journey with 50+ tools and resources to use anytime you want to step up and lead.

Leadership isn't always easy, but anyone (willing to put in the work) can do it. To achieve your full leadership potential you need to make space for practice and reflection. Get ready for sustained growth, and true confidence as you put your new insights into practice!

Three Live Coaching Sessions

Leverage our easy to use coaching platform to keep us organized as we work together to unlock your leadership superpower!

An Almost Unfair Advantage for New and Emerging Leaders!

As a former military officer, "big 4" consultant, and leader within Fortune 100 companies, I have learned, practiced, and taught how to be an effective leader in some of the most complex environments imaginable.

To be honest with you, I’ve learned the hard way, with lots of success, and lots of failure. I love helping others by sharing what I’ve learned along the way. In short, let me help save you some time. I know what works and what doesn't.

The insights from Whole Brain Thinking® and Leadership Clarified are everything you need to lead, but to really achieve your goals you have to put those insights into action.

I have helped dozens of leaders, from fresh college graduates to Fortune 100 executives, improve their ability to lead and I can help you too.  We will work together through Zoom to make sure you are confident and ready to lead.

Session 1: Leveraging Whole Brain Thinking® and Setting Goals

Once you complete your HBDI® assessment and leverage the online lessons from Herrmann you may have some questions about your thinking profile or how to best leverage Whole Brain Thinking®. We will use our first session to answer any questions you have.

We will also make sure we are aligned on your goals.  We will discuss why you want to be a better leader and how I can best help.

Session 2: Insight to Action

Leadership Clarified provides you with 50+ tools and resources to use anytime you want to step up and lead. In our second session we'll make sure you have all of your questions answered and work together to identify a specific idea for you to lead to implementation so you can practice the tools and concepts in Leadership Clarified.

Before we wrap session two we will make some commitments to each other. You will commit to seeing your idea through to implementation and I will commit to answering any questions you have via Slack Direct Messages.  Together we will ensure you are on the path toward becoming a true leader.

Session 3: Practice & Grow

Our final session is your launchpad to your new found confidence as a leader!  At this point you will fully understand and have practiced how to leverage Whole Brain Thinking® and the framework for leadership in Leadership Clarified.

Before we wrap up session three we will decide how to keep in touch and make sure you are confident and ready to take the world by storm to unleash your epic ideas!

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- President of a $10M+ Firm

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Six Week Leadership Accelerator



  • HBDI® Whole Brain® Thinking Preference Assessment + Access to Herrmann's Online Platform & App ($500 value)
  • Leadership Clarified Online Course ($997 value)
  • 3 30-minute coaching sessions ($600 value)

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  • Live 2 hour Whole Brain Thinking® for Teams Session
  • HBDI® Team Platform
  • Live 2 hour Leadership Clarified Kickoff Training Session
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