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Hey, I'm John.

I started Unleash Epic because I noticed something that bothered me.

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Our world needs more true leaders so I took what I learned and practiced in those complex, real-world situations and brought it to everyone at an affordable price. Once you take this course, and apply the steps it teaches, you will gain the confidence you need to be one of those great leaders that we desperately need. I appreciate your dedication to improving your understanding of leadership and how to effectively practice it.

Course Content

8 Chapters and 56 Lessons that are loaded with 50+ tools, checklists, & resources as well as 11+ hours of information packed content to help you along your leadership journey!

Part One

Getting Clear

You will learn a clear definition of leadership, and contrast the definition with common myths about leadership. You will also learn the steps required to be considered a leader, as well as the structured framework of leadership you can use everytime you want to step up and lead!

Chapter One

Welcome & Course Overview

The first chapter outlines the course goals, course structure, available materials, and introduces the instructor.

Chapter Two

Getting Past the Hype

Finally!  Get a definition of leadership that you can actually use.  Also, it's time to debunk some common myths about leadership.

Chapter Three

Structuring Leadership

Learn the concrete, step-by-step framework for leadership that you can use over and over, to learn, practice, and grow as a leader!

Chapter Four

Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Describes the SAO (Step > Activities > Outcome) structure of chapters 5-7 and outlines a process to identify an specific opportunity to solve.

Part Two

Taking Action

Getting deeper into the framework, you will learn, step-by-step, how to implement a specific idea, providing you with the ability to immediately practice and apply the insights and resources provided throughout the course.

Chapter Five


How do you come up with a great idea? Chapter 5 is packed with information to learn and apply the steps required to develop a great idea.

Chapter Six


Figuring out how to bring your idea to life isn't always easy. Chapter 6 is jammed with insights and tools to help you develop a crystal clear plan.

Chapter Seven


Here is where you unlock your leadership superpower! Chapter 7 is loaded with insight on how to actually achieve your great idea.

Chapter Eight

Your Next Steps

This final chapter provides some additional considerations for your leadership journey so you can go out and accomplish your epic ideas!
Start Your Leadership Journey Now!

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Traditional Leadership Development just isn't making the cut.

According to research by Fortune Magazine and McKinsey & Co.
Start Your Leadership Journey Now!

Leadership is a Learnable Skill

The hard part is figuring out exactly what to do as a leader, how to learn it, and how you can evaluate yourself to know you're actually getting better.

I've spent the last 10 years obsessing over what makes great leaders great in real world scenarios, what leadership principles work at any level, and how anyone (willing to put in the work) can become a strong leader in any area of life.

In order to get clear about what leadership is, and how to effectively learn and practice it, I’ve built this course to help you:


Leadership is not a role, personality type, or set of behaviors or competencies.

There's too many myths and misconceptions around leadership. To become a great leader you have to shed those first.


Leadership is a framework of specific steps anyone can use.

But simply learning these steps isn't enough. You have to also put them into action.

Practice & Grow

Once you are clear on what leadership is (and isn't), it's time for practice, reflection, sustained growth, and true confidence.

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